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In Georgian Bay the weather can change in five minutes, once you head out and it takes you one hour to lift your net by hand a lot can happen by then. A lot has happened to the water of the Oceans, that mercury in Albacore because the Albacore Tuna live longer so the mercury content is higher. Pregnant Women and nursing Women now are being warned on television not to eat more than 2. So the government has put out this limit to Women.

If we start to lose species then maybe someone will take action. Now all these people from the cities who are retiring, the baby boomers, who have retirement packages, are selling their three or four hundred thousand dollar homes. They are coming up here, buying places at half that cost and have almost no taxes.

Years ago you could walk for miles without seeing anyone. We have sold our souls to this beautiful waterscape that we have here. Every one of them city people have a boat, everyone pollutes a little bit and even just a little bit is a lot. Some are good and they have given up their motors, they are kayaking and canoeing.

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There are some people with them cigar boats that have two to four powerful engines and speed between 70 and miles an hour. Their sound carries; you can hear them from four or five miles away. When they are one mile away they overwhelm all sound. They have to be blowing away hundreds of gallons of fuel, racing just to go fast.

All these personal water craft are everywhere during the summer months, cabin cruisers, sail boats, anglers and even lake freighters. During fall, spring and winter no one shows up and I am alone again on the water. The last refuge of clean water are our Northern lakes and now we are bringing float-planes and outboards up there as tourist traps, fishing and hunting for trophy size game. These Northern lakes that had no activity are now getting more and more popular. They load up their garbage onto barges, go out miles open up and drop it to the bottom of the ocean, Manhattan too.

The water is being disrespected everywhere, up here there are Artesian waters so strong that they blow to the surface, we have some of the best waters of the world here in Georgian Bay. Ebooks and Manuals

Natural springs here in Georgian Bay hold. In the old days we used to walk through the bush for hunting, now people are driving with spot lights at night to jack-light the deer. Our Elders are leaving us with that knowledge that they have, because we are not acting like First Nations People should. We now always want to be better than our neighbors. Our own people are setting miles of net, not yards, taking tons of fish. Our Ancestors looked to the future and said we have to save for our kids.

Meaning we have to have so many landfills. We buy things in excess and we throw half of it back. We forget about the food in the refrigerator, things have to get thrown away. We went out and bought it, we thought it was a good idea. Once we had it in our possession we let it go bad, then we have to throw it away. All the packaging is needless too, everything is canned, everything is plastic, even the fruit and vegetables we buy are wrapped. Everything has to travel from South to North and our food has been touched by many hands who seek profit, we have to start thinking about the longer terms for our children, are we going to save anything for our children?

We need to protect surface springs in Georgian Bay so that our children will have clean mineral water for their future. Most of all we need to be creative and protective for our little ones, our future generations. Pretty soon people will have to buy their water in a green bottle with a French name on it that costs three bucks, Perrier. The Great Lakes are being raped by developers too; the USA wants our water for irrigating southern crops via the Mississippi. Everything is changing fast, so much mismanagement.

We had some problems with some beavers a while back and rather than cut a few trees near power lines the people put a bounty on them. Now all the area has a shortage of willows for making Sweat Lodges because the beaver dams helped create a wetland area, now the area is not wet enough since the beaver dams are gone. The hardest thing is many of us have lost our Heritage, our Culture, only a handful of us practice our ways outright.

Lots of people practice with their hearts and hide it away until its Powwow time or certain Ceremonies, but for the rest of their days they become polluters and takers, like closet Indians. We have long way to go but as long as there are few us who keep the fire alive, we still have a chance. We had our culture beaten out of us. There are a lot of nice things that have to be brought back; like that smoldering coal has to be nurtured into a fire. We have poor Brothers and Sisters whose own children are killing themselves, because they see no future, no hope.

We have to come back now the way our circle teachings teaches us. What we have done is we are allowing our children to see too much TV. Our kids are learning that they think they only look good in a hundred and fifty dollar pair of Nikes. Our kids are bombarded with meaningless Culture and Values. We need to teach our kids to be proud of their Culture, be proud of who we are, be proud of Mother Earth, be proud of the animals, be proud of the rivers and lakes because they took care of our ancestors and they will take care of us in the future if we take care of them for the future.

When the first settlers came, our Medicine people and Shamans said there will be times when our people will forget who they are, but there will always be some who remember to keep the fire of our ways, a smoldering coal until it can be brought back to a flame, things will turn around some day. There will be a time when we break free from residential school era. What got me onto the Good Path were the sweat lodges, as long as we have the ceremonies we can heal. The hard thing is finding those teachings before they evaporate, because time evaporates our Elders away from us. I respect others if they want to believe in that way but I believe that everything has a spirit, the trees, the rocks, the water, and the animals, there are spirits all around us.

I am grateful for all the little things around me. There are a lot of mysteries around us every day that mean nothing to us when we look at them now in this time of our life. Years later those ants and chipmunks mean something to my spirit. Just like our old teachings that our Elders show us that were passed on to them from their Elders.

Later on in life we change in another phase, becoming an Elder, we see things different, our experiences become brighter. The decision recently released has been hailed by all interested parties as the most significant trial judgment on Aboriginal title and rights since the Supreme Court of Canada decided the Delgamuukw case in , and is the first case in which a court has concluded that evidence before it proves aboriginal title over certain lands, a decision the significance of which almost guarantees that it will be appealed.

Therefore, its implications for future litigation and negotiation need to be clarified and understood at as profound a cultural level and with as little ambiguity as possible. It is well-known that the Province of British Columbia has its own very serious differences from the rest of the country in how the treaty process has evolved over the years due to among other things its late arrival into Confederation and these differences resulted in a trial lasting days and a written judgment of well over pages.

Had third party litigants such as corporations and individual landowners not been called to testify the results in both cases would have been even longer. In any case, although no legal remedy resulted from the time and money spent on the case no matter what its outcome, certain rulings in the Vickers report do set precedents in areas extremely important for future claims. These relate to evidence, pleadings, legal procedure and costs, all of which will help in future litigation to streamline processes. A procedure was also established to be followed by counsel whenever a witness was expected to give oral history testimony or oral tradition evidence in order to allow counsel for the defendants an opportunity to test the reliability of that evidence.

A description of these lands can be is available on the B. The most glaring judgment is that we are in the position we are in because both levels of governments federal and provincial have not acted honorably over that past two centuries nor have they made good on the promises they have continually made when such cases have been brought to court. CALGARY — Joane Cardinal-Schubert credits her father with setting her on the path that would lead her to numerous awards for her art, and for her contributions as curator, writer, lecturer, poet, advocate for Native artists and activist on a variety of Aboriginal issues.

The most recent of her many awards, the National Aboriginal Achievement Award for Arts, will be presented at a gala event in Edmonton in March, as will awards to 13 other recipients in other categories. It was my father who literally placed me in art school. I am looking and I am seeing with the eyes he taught me to use.

I had seen blueprints and plans and sketches probably before I was four years old. Like most children, I was imitative so I used to construct things, draw anywhere I could and also sewed, designing clothes and making my own patterns from an early age. Of course I was born in an age when people still made things. Her painting and installation practice is prominent for its incisive evocation of contemporary First Nations experiences and examination of the imposition of EuroAmerican religious, educational and governmental systems on Aboriginal people.

In addition to the exhibition of her artwork in dozens of solo and group exhibitions across Canada and internationally, it has been reproduced in numerous publications and is in numerous private, corporate and public collections. In addition she is in much demand as a lecturer and writer, and has been actively involved in video and theatre production. Joane says writing is something she has been interested in since childhood. I love writing — and particularly poetry.

I wrote for years not worrying about being published. They asked me to send them some examples and they ended up publishing four or five poems. This happened in or so, and it seemed after seeing my work in print I took it more seriously. One of her most challenging projects is the major sculpture she was commissioned to create for the Calgary International Airport. I have always been in love with the beautiful shape of the horse.

I wanted to shape it out of plaster as it was immediate and would be under my direct control. The surface also lent itself to my style of notation and painterly quality. Also, it allowed me to work large, think big, and to use my skills. I have had to repair the surface of horse twice. I have witnessed grown men who pass the horse giving the rocks a resounding knock with their knuckles.

Joane says her life and career are about the joy of discovery, curiousity, the journey, the people met, experiences, learning, just being within the creative process. She says there is still a lot to be done mainly in figuring out how to continue to share her work in more innovative ways. For Bertha Clark Jones, contributing is not just something she does, it has always been her way of life. And that way of life and the contributions that resulted from it have now been recognized by her own people. Growing up isolated in northern Alberta, one of 14 children, she knows first-hand the hardships of struggling to survive during the Great Depression.

But that experience also gave her the will and determination to not only survive, but to take on great challenges. And she credits her parents and grandparents for the lessons learned from their example. There were 14 of us to raise in some of the hardest times. Service in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War brought its own challenges and lessons, and led to her lifetime interest in, and support for, the fair treatment of Aboriginal veterans. Always a champion of the underdog, even as a child she would stand up for anyone she felt was being unfairly treated.

And that was particularly true of Native people—and especially Native women. With the rise of numerous pro-active initiatives on behalf of Native people in the s and s, Bertha turned her attention to the plight of Native women, marginalized both in the mainstream and, sometimes, within their own communities In response, she was a co-founder of the Voice of Alberta Women VANW to represent the interest of all Native women. That presented an interesting challenge because Native women were divided by status: There were those women who were Status Indians themselves, or whose mothers were Status Indians, and had lost their Indian Status by marrying men who were not Status Indians and were striving to regain their Status..

Bertha was one of those who helped to maintain the delicate balance that enabled the VANW to effectively represent both groups of women, even when Bill C was passed to give the first group of women a vehicle for regaining their Indian Status. Her current concern is education. I never really had an education, but nowadays you have to have one to fit into society. In the winter I still shovel my walk and I read a lot and just putter around the house. Aboriginal Achievement Award recipient, Dr. Late nights of early riser?

I can stay up late and sleep in, or wake up early. Favourite place to travel in the world? It was beautiful and the people were so friendly. The best advice you ever received? Meanwhile the Vancouver Sun recently reported that one of the women missing from the Downtown Eastside had turned up alive. Lucky for her, and her family. The story on the Squad emphasized the successes as opposed to the negative coverage it had received over recent years due to the botched investigation into the Downtown Eastside Missing Women.

This negative perception was further exacerbated by the steadily increasing number of young women going missing in Northern British Columbia along the now infamous Highway of Tears. The list finally grew to as high as 69 women who vanished between and Port Coquitlam pig farmer Robert Willie Pickton has since been charged with killing 26 of those women, but even this upcoming trial threatens to degenerate into sensationalism and even perhaps mistrial, not to mention the huge legal costs of defending the accused.

Two years ago The Vancouver Sun obtained a scathing internal audit of the Missing Persons Unit, written in October , which found that understaffing, inadequate supervision and shoddy record-keeping compromised the ability of the squad to solve cases. There was criticism of the leadership provided by the former head of the unit who was suspended in April No great surprise then that the unit has been trying to improve its relationship with other police departments and agencies, such as search and rescue outfits, so they can better work together.

And the B. Missing Persons Centre has been created by Mounties and municipal police to write new policy for missing persons investigations. Perhaps these changes will bear fruit in future investigations, but the damage has already been done in terms of the Highway of Tears. The more time that goes by without any charges being laid, the less chance there is that anyone will ever be convicted of these heinous crimes. The Missing Persons Unit responded to criticism by developing new policies to deal with chronic run-away youths — who represented almost 95 per cent of missing person reports — and is apparently now working more efficiently with group homes, the Ministry for Children and Families, and other caregivers.

A spokesperson for the Missing Women Task Force said all the sex-trade workers who have recently disappeared from Vancouver have been found, and that there are no outstanding files with the VPD. All these recent seemingly unrelated news stories in the mainstream media bring into focus a fundamental fact of Canadian life.

Systemic racism is alive and well in this country, and everywhere one looks the victims of this racism are without support. Last month a jury of 12 and two alternates was chosen from potential jurors.

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A media frenzy ensued, and the real possibility exists for a mistrial if too many of those selected turn out to be unable to stick it out for the year the trial is expected to last. The danger as always is that the sensational nature of the trial will suck up all the energy available for action and the victims and their families will be ignored and forgotten. John Dragani, was suspended in April and has since been charged with one count of possessing child pornography and one count of accessing child pornography.

In October of last year an RCMP disciplinary board stopped proceedings against Constable Justin Harris, a police officer accused of sexual misconduct with three teenage prostitutes in Prince George. It stopped them because the incompetent police force failed to investigate complaints against Harris within a one-year time limit, as required by the RCMP Act.

Under that Act, a commanding officer has to launch a disciplinary hearing within a year of being notified of an allegation against an officer. Harris, accused of buying sex from teenage prostitutes in Prince George between and , maintains the allegations are false. He remains suspended with pay while the Mounties in B. Constable Harris was accused of his misconduct shortly after former Prince George judge David William Ramsay, 63, was sentenced to seven years in jail for sexual attacks on young girls who had appeared before him in court in Prince George between and Ramsay was removed from the bench in July , and later resigned.

In he pleaded guilty to multipkle charges including: breach of trust, sexual assault causing bodily harm, and buying sex from minors. His victims were four girls, three of them aboriginal, who ranged in age from 12 to He will soon become eligible for full parole. Barb Mallett, a social worker who helps prostitutes get off the streets, said these kinds of cases make it appear as if there is no justice for sex trade workers who make complaints.

He should do 25 years and die there. No wonder, therefore, that Hedy Fry, Minister for Multiculturalism in the former Liberal government rose in federal parliament as long ago as to mark anti-racism day, and after referring to hate venues such as Kosovo and Northern Ireland, isolated Prince George, British Columbia, as another example. People were outraged that ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and sectarian bombs and killings in Northern Ireland would be compared to the problems of a sleepy northern town like Prince George just because of a few daytime cross burnings and the seething racial hatred this implies.

Coughlin's future all of a sudden everythmg is going to and Tom Coughlin also praised him. Bowl in his first two seasons. Foles ended up benched in St. He was coming of that season in Cleveland, and people viewed it as a risk Rookie Todd Gurley isn' t Here are some things to worried about where his watch for in the season finale team plays next year. Not at Levi's Stadium: yet, though he didn't buy a house in St. Keenum's hm' You can't control it , s o rah? He has started seven er NaVorro Bowman said in at after the season, around g ames since t a k in g o v er Detroit afterward.

That's how I look at it The first-round pick by Jacksonville, Gabb crt has thrown for 1, yards and nine touchdowns with six interceptions and 24 sacks. Just remind the guys to Bowman's year: Bowwatch the ball. They' re try- man leads the NFL with ing to make a play. I under- tackles and hopes to end the stand that. But we have to year at the top. AfAnother future that is un- six starts dating to his final to win games. He ter all of that, his close friend clear isthat of 49ers first- two games with Houston in has just one yard game and defensive mate Patrick Yellow fl ag s g a l ore: in thelast eight after reach- Willis — they made up a year coach Ji m T o m sula.

Nick Foles struggled ized seven times for offside starts this year. He has run punch — walked away from of theirconversations so far this season and was benched or neutral zone penalties in for 1, yards so far, and the game last spring at age have focused on the task at in favor of Keenum, but Foles lastSunday's lossatDetroit, his lastyarder was for Advantage Iowa?

Hawkeyes athletic director Gary Barta said the school had 55, requests for tickets and fulfilled more than 23, Everybody expectsa sea of old gold and black in Pasadena — and it might have been even big-. Stanford's Christian McCaffrey 5 celebrates his yard kickoff return for a touchdown against Cal with teammate Rollins Stallworth 13 Nov. It doesn't get stale. Hawkeyes in the nd ica to play college football," edition of college football's said Iowa's Kirk Ferentz, who most historic game.

Beathard, who will make his first bowl start ist. Hogan is " Ifl you start and lose grateful for his place in hisyour last two games, that' s tory, but he is only interested tough. State and Notre Dame entered the might be a little better, but these season wit h l e g itimate n a tional teams came up just short.

To have those hopes dashed, par- The Associated Press Top 25 despite ticularly after coming so close, was inconsistent play by its quarterbacks. All the teams ahead of And, despite falling short of their them won on the final weekend, leavmain objectives, the seventh-ranked ing them behind fellow one-loss teams Buckeyes and eighth-ranked Fight- Alabama, Oklahoma and Michigan ing Irish insist they' re excited to be in State in the playoff pecking order.

Ohio State finished No. Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said. Notre Dame fell four points 'Two traditional powers, Notre Dame short of its playoff bi despite a litany and Ohio State, that are a couple of injuries. The Fighting Irish were still in the plays away from playing for a national championship. There is no place bet- playoff picture after a two-point loss ter than to play it than in Glendale. One big dream gone, but Notre Dame, like Ohio State, is not taking this game lightly. That' s a spring board for next year. These are.

Running back C. Prosise, out since injuring his ankle Boston College on Nov. Talent load: The Fiesta Bowl might be the bowl with the most A few more things to look for when from third-stringer to guide the Buck- talented players. The game will. Meyer said on Thursday originally expected to be out for the that Bosa and Elliott are leaving season after suffering knee injuries, Kizer shines: Notre Dame suf- school early to declare for the NFL but returned to practice this month. Goff made the decision official on Thursday that he would skip his senior season to become one of the top quar-.

I felt like at the col- going to games at Memorial lege level I had done a lot and Stadium. But he is pleased ing, it still was emotional for that he helped turn the Bears Goff who had been a Golden around from a team that won Bear since birth. His parents. I think we' ve done that. Going from to being one game away from a bowl game last. Goff is widely considered to be one of the top two quarterbacks eligible for the draft and is projected as a high first-round pick.

He is the first Cal quarterback to leave. Coach Sonny Dykes said he began talking with Goff about year and then this year win- Rodgers following the the possibility of turning pro ning eight games and finish- season. Dykes huge. We' re back in the right in just about every significant called it a "bittersweet day" as direction and back to where statistic for quarterbacks. He he is excited about Goff's NFL we want to be. Hopefully they broke Marcus Mariota's Pac- future but will miss coaching can continue to do that and 12 season record for touch- him.

Thursday's games. Islanders at Buffalo, 3 p. Pitlshurgh at Detroit, 3 p. Washington at Carolina, 3 p. Minnesota at St. Louis, 5 p. Chicago at Colorado, 5 p. Nashville at Dallas, p. Los Angeles at Calgary, 6 p. Anaheim at Edmonton, 6 p. Winnipeg at Arizona, S p. Today's games Montreal vs. Boston 1 0 a. Anaheim at Vancouver, 7 p. Lakers 6 27 1 82 2 4 Thursday's games Milwaukee at Indiana, 3 p. Minnesota at Detroit, 3 p. Golden State at Houston,4 p.

Clippers at New Orleans, 5 p. Portland at Utah, 6 p. Today's games Orlando at Washington, 4 p. Giants 6 9 0 A OO r67 Dallas 4 11 0. Louis 7 8 0. Washington at Dallas, 10 a. Detroit at Chicago, 10 a. Jets at Buffalo, 10 a.

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New England at Miami, 10 a. Baltimore at Cincinnati, 10 a. Pittsburgh at Cleveland, 10 a. Tennessee at Indianapolis, 10 a. Philadelphia at N. Giants, 10 a. Louis at San Francisco, p. San Diego at Denver, p. Seaitle at Arizona, p. Oakland at Kansas City, p. Tampa Bay at Carolina, p. M innesota atGreen Bay,5: 30p. Mississippi St. Clemson u3 — 0 vs. Oklahoma 11 — 1 , 1 p. Michigan State u2 — 1 , 5 p.

Northwestern u 0 — 2 vs. Tennessee 8 —4 , 9 a. Michigan 9 — 3 vs. Florida GO —3 , 10 am. Notre Dame 10 — 2 vs. Ohio State 11 — 1 , 10 a. Stanford u1 — 2 , 2 p. Mississippi 9 — 3 , p. Penn St. Kansas St. Arkansas l7 — 5 , p. Arizona State 6 —6 , p. Thomas and LS Danny Aiken on injured reserve.

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3-by-3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively. Forecasts Local: Chilly today with plenty of sunshine. High Mainly clear and cold tonight. Low Partly sunny tomorrow. High Monday Tuesday: cool with rain at times. Wednesday: chilly with a chance of rain.

Thursday: chance for a couple of showers. Friday: periods of rain. Since Last Season Temp. Snow Rain July 1 t his Date 1 6. Thursday's Records Sonora —Extremes for this date — High: 71 Low: 21 Precipitation: 1A4 inches Average rainfall through December since As of noon Thursday, seasonal rainfall to date: Today Sat. Memphis Miami. Stanisiaus National Forest,call for forest road information. GlacierPoint RoadandTioga Roadareclosed for the season. MariposaGrove Roadis closed until spring 7. Forroadconditions or updates in Yosemite, call orvisit www. Passesas of noon Thursday: Sonora Pass Highway is closed from Ebbetts Pass Highway 4 is closed from 0.

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Reba turnoff to the junction of Highway 89 for the season. Goonline to www. Shown are today's noonpositions of weather systems and prec ipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day. Wh e el Fortune Last-Standing Dr. News Tonight Show Midsomer Mur. Undercover Jessie Jessie Jessie K. Undercover K. A veteran faces his longtimeprejudices. Bring It! Paul Berger and Friday 4 Saturday 8a. Featuring 4bd, 3. Close toschools, shop- a3-car garageand barnand arena.

Wraparound deckexpandsliving spaceby access, downthe street from Saddle CreekGolf. Whispering homesweet hometo the new price Gorgeouschalet is situated tured home. Don't forget the best kept secret neighborhood in theSierras. Must seethis awesome lot to build your dreamhouse.

Water and tains and lakeviews. Located close to launch and sewer to the property. Build your lakehouse and. This lot is located in the gated area ofAppleValley Estates. It is a lovely neighborhood with manyupscale homes. This is agreat opportunity to build your dreamhomeon 0. Just 6 minutes to town. Flat, buildable land. Public water and acres of open land, with a great building site. Financing termsavailable. Financing terms beautiful oak trees. Very peaceful with amazingviews. Property is nearly 4acs. Openbeamceilings, updated kitchen, dining gar.

Lots of natu codes, living rm. Woodburning insert for those cold winter days. GreatNeighborhood for walking with the awesomeviews. Just minutes to Jamestown, Columbia and Sonora. Up andbeyonda private gate. Youwill find this perfect 3br, 2ba mountain getaway or full time residence. Site built SFattached two car garage plus 40' long storage unit with power roomfor boat and RVon or near the substantial asphalt and concrete driveway. Completely furnished. Just bring your toothbrush! Custom windows, skylights, open beam ceilings and attached garage with carport. Room for the wholefamily, so call today!

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Enjoy 9 years new. Adorable backyard for entertaining. Single level floor plan with large openfamily room This 3 bedrooms, 1bath cabin is in the River Resort which and large bedroom. Hugedeck in the back to enjoy the mounis close to all high country amenities. Enjoy hiking, fishing, tain air. Property includes aquest home with another bedroom Pinecrest and more.

Close to town golf course, grill, swimming and tennis facilities, shared parking andlaundry room. Great starter home orweekendget-a-way. Eachunit pays their own metered water, sewer,electricity and propane. You may place your ad by phone at: Noon Mon. Noon Tues.. Noon Wed Friday Noon Thurs Fd Saturday Noon Fri. Shoppers are distributed to various locations throughout Tuolumne andCalaveras counties — atotal of 10, copies, over 26, readers! Master Card, Dis covery and Visa accepted. However, some classifications must be paid for in advance.

Somerestrictions apply. Please call us immediately if a correction is needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based on the policies of these newspapers. The publisher shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Pvd Rd. On Mono Way! Agent, 8. Expanded basic cable included in rent. Call Qua! The real estate advertised herein is subject to the State and Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise 'any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin or source of income, or intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination'.

We will not knowingly accept any advertisement for real estate that is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. Irrigated pasture, reservoir, barn. Tuolumne County Realty Get paid to clean your garage Master bed, bath, view, no smk, or pets.

Avail now. No Smk. Util's paid. Call Rooms to Rent. Sonora off Hwy. Must have three yrs' experience equiv. Largehomewith 4bd,2 baand 9 a f ull basement. Oversqil of livingspace. Needs somework. Anice roomy car garage. Ofcovered kitchen,gam e roomandalarge deckon1acre. Playinthepool as bonusroom. Abeautiful lot with you enjoythebeautiful mountain roomtoaddanothergarageor surroundings.

Property backsUp workshop. Perfect foralarge family to a horsepasturewithhorses. Openthefront doorOfthiscustom execu tive4,sq. Exp preferred. Please fax resume to Possession of a valid PC and euthanasia certificate req. Will perform unskilled and semiskilled work in construction maintenance and repair of County roads and other County facilities as assigned.

Equivalent to graduation from HS and I one year OR II two years of experience in road maintenance, facilities maintenance or general construction. Routes only take a couple of hours in the early morning, Tuesday through Saturday. Must be 18 years of age with reliable transportation, proof of insurance and have a current CA drivers license. Good pay with paid training. Valid Need to sell a car? Sell D. No phone calls. Mail app. Box Jamestown, CA Outpatient Clinic Patient care and office duties. Medical exp preferred but willing to mentor.

Fax resume to. AM Class. Must - GarageSales Jamestown; night shift. Paid by Tuo have S. Applications avail. Only 30 apps Audit pm to 7am. Health Aide classes. The Community Compass. Must be Center. Call hike and work outdoors. Call for another 20 days at Call Marianne, 41 5 no charge. Fast paced restaurant. Line cook exp. Fax resume to or call Experience in OR and Recovery preferred. No weekends; no on-call. Friday, yOur C larifiedR eP refti! Call or submit your ad online at. Direct Outlet, directappliance.

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It's as simple as that! Good cond. Call 6. Forced to sale. Make offer. Must See! Only 5kmi,Loaded. Back-up camera! The Union Democrat has a dedicated team of volunteer weather watchers who keep track of high-low temperatures and precipitation. They call the newspaper with fresh numbers early every morning for that day's weather page, on the back of the sports section. The only pay is an annual gathering - sometimes a picnic hosted by the newspaper, sometimes dinner at an area restaurant - where they are honored and thanked.

Necessary equipment, which the volunteers must provide themselves, are a thermometer that records the high and low temperatures of the day and a rain gauge. They must also submit snow depths and melt snow, when they get it, to include its water content with their precipitation. Volunteers are needed right now in, Tuolumne, Pinecrest and San Andreas. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer may call Pam Orebaugh or e-mail orebau houniondemocrat. Good Condition. Includes separate tack and storage area. Excellent condition. Like New! Exc cond. Excellent Conditionl Extras! Bench style dinette.

Sleeps 6. Many extras. Like new. Only 31 hrs! Incl's Bimini cvr, built-in ice chest, ski locker, sound sys, new in Call or text Used only 8XI Always garaged. New upholstery. Sleeps 6-lots of xtras Excellent Condition! Wide Body Chevy Vortex eng. Tow Pkg. Your input will help us improve the paper and get the advertising specials you want. Thank you! Very Cleanalways garaged. Removable windshield. Runs like new!! OBO Call Looking for a professional to sell your car at no charge? Call us today!

Runs good. OBO Sleeps 4, Queen bed, Irg. Work Crew Let our work crew help you with any of the following:. Thumbs Up is a day program which works with adults with disabilities. We are a community integration program and volunteer with several organizations in the county. Thumbs Up provides general yard maintenance at reasonable rates.

This brings the crew members confidence, coordination and the chance to work in their community and earn their own money. Our crew comes with 2 to 3 workers and 1 supervisor. We are fully bonded and insured and have references! Modular specialist. City Lic. State law also requires that contractors include their license numbers on all advertising. Check your contractor's status at www. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct.

A registrant who declares as true any material matter pursuant to Section of the Business and Professions Code that the registrant knows to be false is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed one thousand. A new FBN statement must be filed no more than 40 days from expiration.

This filing does not of itself authorize the use of this name in violation of the rights of another under federal, state or common law. A new an individual. FBN statement must be I declare that all filed no more than 40 information in this days from expiration. A registrant itself authorize the use who declares as true of this name in violation any material matter of the rights of another pursuant to Section under federal, state or of the Business common law.

Code et seq. Price of item must be in the ad. Includes a photo or attention getter. Package includes: a bold headline. Ads must be pre-paid Call Classified Advertising at: No changes or refunds after publication of ad. Private party advertisers only. CATS "Abby —Short hair, tuxedo, female, adult Alfred —Short hair, gray and white, male, young "Amber — Medium hair, calico, female, adult Ariel —Short hair, female, young "Berkeley —Short hair, gray tabby, female, adult Bluebelle —Short hair, gray, female, senior Elvis — Short hair, black, male, young Felicity —Short hair, female, young "Fearless — Short hair, orange, male, adult "Flash —Short hair, gray and white, female, adult "Gusto — Short hair, brown tabby, male, young Jewels —Short hair, calico, female, young "Leo —Medium hair, orange tabby, male, adult Louise — Medium hair, calico, female, adult "Marcus —Long hair, male, adult "Marty —Medium hair, male, young Miss Tux — Short hair, black and.

We wish every one of you. We hope this year is better than the last and not as good as the next. Do your best to make. Vow to look after your health, exercise, eat less junk, give up smoking and eat more fruits and vegetables. Smile more. You never. You don't know what tomorrow wil l b r i n g. L e t's st art. If you unlock it, lock it up.

Just for today I will have a pro4. If you break it, admit it. I might not follow it exactly, 5. If you can't fix it, call in somebut I will have it. I will save myself one who can. Just for today I will exercise my character in three ways. I will do a good turn and keep it a secret. If anyone finds out, it won't count. Just for today I will improve my mind.

I will learn something useful. I will read something that requires effort, thought and concen-. Just for today I will be unafraid. Especially will I be unafraid to enjoy what is beautiful and believe that as I give to the world, the world will give to me. I will look my best, speak in a that we think should be on everywell-modulated voice, be courteous one's refrigerator: "Golden Rules for Living" by and considerate. Just for today I will not find fault. If you value it,take care ofit. If you make a mess, clean it up.

If you move it, put it back. If itbelongs to someone else, get permission to use it. If you don't know how to operate it, leave it alone. If it's none of your business, don't ask questions. Please em ailyour questions t o a n n i esmailbox creators. You can also find Annie on Facebook at Facebook,.

Is inflammation ta blame for nightly bathmom trips'? I stumbled upon the fact that if I take two ibuprofen mg at bedtime, I seldom have to go to the bathroom before my normal a. This has been wonderful, and I wonder if there might be some good medicalreasoning here, or if it is just dumb luck on my part. I'm sure many of your readers would be interestedin this bedtime subject. Small doses are unlikely to cause harm; however, some people with sensitive stomachs might have. ANSWER: Average sugar level, also called estimated average glucose,is a way to describe blood sugar control in people with diabetes orprediabetes.

A levelof is equivalent to an Alc level a more commonly used measure of blood sugar control of about 7. Most medicines are more effec- safe nor effective. True poisoning is tive at higher doses. For metformin, rare, but it can happen with persis mg twice daily is the most com- tent use. Talk to your dentist about. Talk about what you love. Toget the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries March April 19 :Today is an 8- Strengthen your partnerships today and tomorrow.

Support and be supported. Group effort pays off, with Mercury in Aquarius. A new service project captures your attention. Friends help with planning for the next three weeks. Choose what's best for family. Communications benefit your career. Talk about desired results. All this buzzis boosting business. Slow for barriers, assessing what's missing. Work with someonewho seesyour blind spots. Gemini May21June 20 :Today is a 7 - Chaseyour passion. Make travel plans andgo. Forabout three weeks, with Mercury in Aquarius, you' regood at finding ways around problems.

Get organized. Study, research anddiscuss philosophical ideas. You're especially creative. Dothe homework first. Cancer June uly22 :Today isan 8- Make household decisions over the next few days. For about three weeks, with Mercury in Aquarius, manage family accounts. Track earnings and revise the budget. Financial planning provides power. Send invoices. Make long-range plans. Leo July Aug. For about three weeks, with Mercury in Aquarius, let your partner do the talking. Brainstorm in creative collaboration. Seek tutoring from a master.

Rely on technical experts. Don' t gamble or go shopping. Negotiate and compromise. Virgo Aug. I usually trust her, but I still think it helps This is a reasonable level for most my sore mouth. Am I poisoning mypeople in their 70s, where lower self? Colloidal silver is neither. Although it can be taking metformin mg once dai- dosed up to 1, mg twice daily, ly for several months, with little it's not much more effective in most results. I am in my 70s, and over- people, and is more likely to cause an a n t i - inflammatory m e d i cine weight by 25 pounds.

My average sideeffects,especiall y nausea. This seems to be the sugar level is still around Not everybodywith Type 2 diabecase with both men and women, so I read that metformin will drop tes needs to be on medicine forever. Some authors have cent. Will that percentage increase and having a prudent diet with s peculated that i n fl a mmation o f if I take more?

If so, by how much? Will my body had many patients stop all their di-. Birthday for January 1. What dreams will you realize this year? Discipline with organization pays off. Prepare a project or trip for after April. Communications opens doors after March's eclipses, leading to new professional status. Launch new adventures after September's eclipses, with amplified broadcasting power. It helps, but recently a friend of mine said.

Readers may email questions to ToYour-. G oodHealth med. Today in history Today is Friday, Jan. There are days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History:On Jan.

Parcel Post system went into operation. In , The Associated Press inaugurated Wirephoto, the first successful service for transmitting photographs by wire to member newspapers. In , a jury in Washington found Nixon administration officials John N. Mitchell, H. Ha I d eman, John D. Ehrlichman and Robert C. Mardian guilty of charges related to the Watergate cover-up Mardian's conviction for conspiracy was later overturned on appeal.

In , the United States and China held celebrations in Washington and Beijing to mark the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Sweden, Finland and Austria joined the European Union. In , the nation's first legal recreational pot shops opened in Colorado at 8 a. Mountain time. It's busy! For about three weeks, with Mercury in Aquarius, streamline routines. Your work gets more interesting. Discussions get logical. Employ technology more. Offer to help. Libra Sept. Go for clarity. Play sparks innovation. Learn new games, skills and programs, with Mercury in Aquarius.

Practice hobbies, sports and passions. Savor love and fun over the next three weeks. Scorpio Oct. Upgrade household technology. List intended home improvements and take one project at a time. Get a second opinion before committing. Relax in hot water. Sagittarius Nov. Complexities fascinate, with Mercury in Aquarius.

Communications and transport flow with greater ease Participate in a larger conversation. Capricor Dec. Collaborate to advance your career. There' s money to be made over the next three weeks, with Mercury in Aquarius. Spending comes easily, too. Balance for savings. Slow for obstacles. Aquarius Jan. Begin a logical, rational cycle, with Mercury in your sign. You' re more objective for the next three weeks, and learn quickly. Old assumptions get challenged.

Move in a new direction. Tell your story. Pisces Feb. Complete old projects. Your dreams are trying to tell you something. Take notes. Write your feelings. Review and revise your plans. When that held the trick, he continued with the spade queen. What did declarer do? Lindqvist won with his spade ace, ruffed a spade in the dummy, discarded the heart three Opening lead: 4 10 on the club ace, ruffed a club with the diamond 10, and led his last spade.

When West followed suit, South ruffed with the diamond queen. Then he ran the diamond nine, ruffed another club to leave West with only hearts , and cashed his last two trumps, the ace and king. Everyone was down to three cards. East had kept two hearts and the club king; dummy held the heart six and club six; West retained the heart K-J-8; and South had the heart A-Q Now declarer led his heart queen and unblocked dummy's West took the trick but had to lead from his heart jack-eight into Lindqvist's ace-nine.

That was a terrific performance, taking full benefit from West's ill-advised overcall with a weak hand, opposite a passed partner, and vulnerable. The Union Democrat print edition for Friday, January 1,