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Tucker and Sam are right in front of the doors, facing Danny down the steps. You should really give her a chance, Sam. I know she wants to waste Danny Phantom, but did you know she's a ninth-degree black belt? That her favorite fruit is kumquat because it's a funny word? No, all I know is that his family is a bunch of ghost-hunting freaks. Nah, I mean it! See ya, Val! Ah, don't worry, Sam. This is the puppy love stuff.

He'll come to his senses in no time.

Intervention - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 63

Just watch. And now we know why. It's picking up Technus. Something in this new upgrade is making my PDA all wonky. How do you think he's going to react to that? Cut to Danny leaning against a tree laughing as Tucker looks on, smiling, and Sam looks on, not smiling. You're trying to tell me that Technus is trying to hook me up?

Technus hates emotions. Well, maybe. Camera pulls back to show Valerie is watching and listening from behind Danny at this point, looking surprised. I don't know I might. A brief shot of Valerie shows that Tucker interrupted himself because he spotted her behind Danny. Uh, tech -nically because we just want you to be happy.

Sam flutters one lower eyelid, either a signal to Valerie or a nervous tic like that teacher I helped drive nuts in Danny turns around and walks away. But Valerie has quietly moved around him behind the fall foliage. She emerges from the red-and-brown shrubbery next to Sam and asks a question.

Well, uh, uh If Danny likes you and you like him, then the least we can do is give you a chance. Danny turns and sees—and hears the distinctive digital chatter of Technus infecting something electronic. She's right over there, in full view. Technus actually makes the suit point down to Valerie, walking below on the sidewalk to school, just like Danny. Valerie spots Danny, smiles and waves.

Danny smiles and waves back. Hey, Danny.

Sam and I just had the greatest conversation and Her suit and board streak right by her That's my suit!! And it's after Danny! Runs to the side and empties out her backpack. Oh, please, please , let there be something I can use! Valerie picks up a fallen branch and sets out. Meanwhile, Danny is running and talking over his shoulder to Technus. Danny dodges around while Technus fires four shots, but none of them are even near misses.

As Danny stops and starts to go ghost, Technus stops to chide him. Secret identity, remember? Danny cancels his transformation. I wonder who'll miss you the more. The angry ghost hunter? Or the frustrated little goth girl who can't admit her feelings? Ah,well, nothing you need to worry about now, because you are through interfering with my plan. A milk carton sails through the air and hits the suit, distracting Technus. Valerie leaps into the air, than bats the suit off the board with her branch, then to knock the suit off the board.

Danny hops into a dumpster, transforms, and flies out covered with garbage. He phases out to get rid of most of it, which falls back into the dumpster. Valerie is running away and dodging fire. She upends a picnic table to use as a shield, but Technus begins shooting it away piece by piece. She takes out her keys and uses them as shurikens during a flying leap. They all hit and drive into the chest—but there's no heart of any kind in the suit or in Technus.

But the impact does distract Technus for a moment.


Technus' next bolt knocks down Valerie. Technus moves the suit closer for an apparent killing shot, but Danny arrives and departs with the suit, slamming it into a clock tower. Technus knocks Danny back into another building, giving him time to call the board back to the suit. Danny lands, and as the suit approaches:. Valerie's not in there.

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After he says this, Valerie crawls out from cover Which means I'm not holding back! As Valerie watches, Danny blows the hoverboard to pieces from under the suit. The suit lands standing up. The suit manages to remain standing. Danny blasts a massive hole through the chest, leaving only a few sparking wires. Then the suit falls on its face. Danny pauses to admire his work, and then notices a countdown.

He takes off just in time to avoid the explosion as the suit blows up. That could have been me! Cut from the view from the camera to the same view framed on a monitor at Axion labs, where Valerie is talking with her father Damon.

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Pfft, you may know how to flirt a little, but you still need lessons in complimenting people not threads. I'll flirt with you gorgeous. Haha - this place always makes me feel better just when I most need it to. Pinkvelvet Posts: 10, Forum Member. I'm going to moan becuase I thought this was going to be a flirting thread, and it's very disappointing let me tell you Well it's up to us to turn it into a flirting forum I think I may have already started Well one does one's best I mean I didn't mean to become a flirt, but flirting has got me many places I'd never have got otherwise, so what can I do?

It's just my cross to bear I suppose :cool:; And a special one for Tasha. I seem to notice a hell of a lot of forum flirting at the moment, a lot of threads descending into two or three people making pervy innuendos and cheesy comebacks. It makes me cringe, literally my skin crawls.

Forum flirting..

I'm all up for the single people meeting someone over the internet, but why do it on a public forum? All the winky faces and tounges sticking out, i find it embarrasing to look at! Is it just me, has DS got flirty? My DS wordings are no different to how I express myself generally, sometimes I am pretty flirty, it's all in good fun and I certainly don't intend to make anyone uncomfortable - though if DS makes you blush I do have to wonder how delicate your sensibilities are, it's hardly literary decadence, just friendly banter.

Harp cuts to the chase for sex, while Herschel entertains the women in his fleet of aircraft, hoping to score with the multi-mile-high club in his jet and savor a victory at sea in the seaplane. The author has worked for other wealthy males who fly their own aircraft but can only flirt with women. Acting as tough alpha males within their own peer group, they are spineless at the thought of losing their fortunes should they ever get caught. You are not required to agree to this in order to buy products or services from Xlibris.

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