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In Spirit Talkers: North American Indian Medicine Powers , he ignores the long-standing academic assumption to view medicine powers as simply the superstitious beliefs of primitive people. Not only has he personally witnessed such powers and come to believe in their efficacy, he provides the long-missing ingredient to our acceptance of them—namely, an explanation of how they work.

Armed with an undergraduate degree in mathematics and an ability to understand the findings of modern physics, Lyon gleans from the latest findings in quantum mechanics the basic rules that shamans follow to become successful at what they do. In addition, he includes many historical accounts of their proven abilities that support his findings that real shamans can do what they say they can do. For the first time ever you will read of the great extent and variation in the medicine powers that were used by the American Indians to achieve success in their daily activities.

Virtually no aspect of their lives went untouched by the use of such powers, be it for warfare, hunting, crop growing, material success or healing. This book will not only forever alter your perception of American Indians, it will also alter your concept of the potential of any human being. It is a long overdue tribute to traditional Native medicine people that is designed to unlock them from our past prejudices. Read Chapter One Now. Read Chapter Two Now.

Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects. 2nd edition.

Bill, thank you for this book. It is a wonderful example of scholarship and research. For me, though, its huge value lies in how it brings together shamanism, the quantum field, medicine powers and healing.


You write simply, clearly and very engagingly. What a gift it is! For many years I struggled with keeping my Lakota Spirituality, practice of Shamanism, and appreciation for quantum mechanics separated. As if they were water and oils. Your book has allowed me to see I do not have to do this and that all three are just slightly different ways of expressing the same thing.

I have bought and gifted copies and recommended the book to anyone walking this path. I very much appreciate where my life is now Bill and part of that satisfaction is due to your book. You are both perceptive and courageous. Very few people have grasped the concept that we create the world around us with our own thoughts, and even fewer would risk their academic reputations or public image by openly discussing the subject with any degree of seriousness.

I commend you on a well written and highly accurate depiction of how we do what we do. I recently published two books on my own training as a bear doctor in northern California when I began to fear the would be no more after me which related many of the same concepts. Thank you for believing in something the world seems determined to see fade out of existence.


I want to thank Dr. The book provides an insightful and straightforward account of the large variety of forms that medicine powers have taken throughout history. This in itself is an important historical documentation. Furthermore, Lyon places this documentation into a contemporary scientific perspective. He shows that current quantum mechanics theory allows for the possibility of shamanic powers. Lyon then uses these findings to give new understanding to the practices shamans have been using in North America.

By referring to recent scientific research findings and theories, and alining them to shamanic practices, he demonstrates the reality of shamanic knowledge that has survived for millenniums, and continues to exist among the Native American population and shamans worldwide today. Since institutions have the power to exterminate, and furthermore have almost managed to destroy, ruin or discriminate the old Native American way of life and mindset, it is important to give both academia and the public access to this book.

Lyon gives us an insightful summary and detailed description of the resistance he has encountered with academic institutions where prejudices about shamanism still stand strong. The book also gives a clear and interesting example of this in the appendix, written by Timothy White—a critique of A. Threats to the protection of cultural heritage are continuously changing.

This book is an important contribution that provides information on how to create new narratives and new talks between postcolonial government institutions and traditional Indian descendants. It is not often that a book can completely change the way we see the World. What an incredibly valuable insight for those of us who have been told we have an incurable mystery illness. The documented, amazing accounts in Spirit Talkers gave me the courage and information to look beyond my traditional scientific training and understanding to a realm where many things are possible — including healing from any problem.

Hi again Bill. What a great read! I was almost sorry to finish it. It opened up so many directions of thought. Using your references has led me to many more books to read. Thank you! David Ziegler. I wholeheartedly recommend Spirit Talkers. If true study is an art as much as a science, a complex interplay between subject and observer, few subjects present a more demanding challenge than human consciousness — especially in shamanism.

Lyon has immersed himself in the field with rational analysis and direct participation for over forty years. His multidisciplinary research — anthropology, history, contemporary discoveries in quantum mechanics — is extensive, well-cited, lucid and appropriate. His firsthand knowledge is irreplaceable: not confined to academic circles, he has personally and respectfully experienced many ceremonies, and has had far-ranging discussions and long-term friendships with some of the greatest American Indian shamans and medicine men of the twentieth century.

To understand realities that are not commonly understood in our culture Dr. Lyon has rightly used all of the human ways of knowing. He has documented events, principles, phenomena, dialogues, participants, outcomes and the reality of Indian medicine powers with clarity, humility and immense depth. The book is breathtaking, an unparalleled privilege to read, and offers many riches to consider for a long time to come. Thank you so much for your incredible work and standing up. Your book changed my life. There are very few works on Native American spirituality written by individuals who cut their teeth in the field, working with traditional shamans in their indigenous settings.

Bill Lyon has apprenticed and trained with the finest medicine people on their own turf, giving his voice an authority few can claim. I am so happy to see this book finally in print, and the wisdom within that will offer us a vision into the inner workings of Spirit. Thank you for the production of this book. This has opened up my eyes to a way of life and a spirituality that was all so alien and incomplete to me. Living in a mostly Christian and mechanical world has covered my eyes and dampened my views of who I am and where I come from as a First Nations person.

I have learned of the meaning and validity of medicine power and why we would use it when needed. I now see why Shamans and medicine people were so revered in our culture. I now understand what it means to use my heart instead of my head when determining that which is real and what is possible. There have been events in my life and feelings I have felt that go past my understanding, which your book has been able to fill gaps and explain what could be happening. Many of our reserves have lost the connection you speak of. The people do not believe in the spirit anymore, but I now see that we have to talk about this, we have to start telling the people.

If I am ever so lucky to meet a Shaman or person of great medicine power, I shall believe and observe what I have been shown from your book. Thank you for giving me the tools to take back my cultural beliefs. I hope to some day pass this on so that the connection of the people and the spirit world is strong again. For me personally, there was one word that came to mind when I read your book and that word is JOY. Why Joy? Luckily for your readers, you gave us both great writing and great content, and Frank Lipp, has already talked about this beautifully.

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A workbook style with a wealth of practical information for fixing problem areas and rearranging furniture in your home and office. I purchased these cards and book to be used together, but sold separately back in the early days of my spiritual awakening. I used it for awhile and then put it away, favoring other divination tools. Recently, I found it collecting dust in a bookcase, and pulled it out again. What a gem this is!!! I had forgotten the depth of the wisdom that is exquisitely presented in this book. I am so glad it is still in print! It is so much more than just Tarot card definitions.

Bridges unfolds the tarot as it is intended, as a brilliant, rich map of consciousness that is the journey we call everlasting life. For women or men wishing to understand an eclectic synthesis of the healing wisdom of the great circle of life that is Mother Earth and Woman, please gift yourself with this! My newest, most favorite, most lusciously beautiful and inspiring toy!

I've have many Tarot decks and other oracles, but this is perfect for all of us at this time of the rising understanding of the missing feminine energy on the planet. Since my Goddess initiation at the Chalice Well in August during the grand cross solar eclipse, I've been searching for something that could express the energies that entered by body and soul.

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The images reflect woman's sensuality and power. The companion book eloquently describes the essence of each global goddess. Easy to read and understand, but thorough in its information! I am extremely pleased I purchased it! I plan to share this title with others when I teach courses on herbalism as it provides an excellent foundations and builds to advanced skills. The oldest and most timeless natural remedy book on our list, we adore Alma R. Focusing solely on herbs found in North America, this book explores everything from folk medicine to common kitchen herbs.

While not as modern as some of the other books on our list it was published in , Hutchens is an expert in her field, and her authoritative guide is a classic when it comes to natural remedy literature. A must-read to learn more about the herbs native to our country. Whether for personal or professional use, get this book! More plainly put, she wants to show you how to heal your body with foods and ingredients you already have in your kitchen cupboard.

Including both recipes and the history of herbs, this book is an essential read to begin your journey of making and using your own natural remedies. Food should always be our first medicine…I like that [the recipes] are all very doable: no specialized equipment, no huge orders of exotic herbs and spices and no tricky culinary skills required. The author has done a remarkable job of making herbal support both legitimate to the doubtful and accessible to the open-minded. The charming illustrations and images are a delightful bonus.

Or it's tucked in my purse or backpack.

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