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A micromort is one of the more peculiar forms of measurement in that it measures the very tiny chance of any given activity leading to your death. Specifically, one micromort is the equivalent of an activity having a one-in-a-million chance of a fatal outcome.

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The unit and concept was introduced by Ronald A. Howard, a pioneer in the field of decision analysis, and is a combination of the words mortality and microprobability a one-in-a-million chance of an event occurring. How exactly would micromorts apply to your actual day-to-day activities? Quotations About. Vatos season 1, episode 4. Posted in: The Walking Dead. To die will be an awfully big adventure. Posted in: Life, the Universe and Everything.

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Out of Gas. To sleep, perchance to dream.

Act 3 Scene 1. Without Feathers If you live life right, death is a joke as far as fear is concerned.

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Self-composed epitaph, as quoted in Calculus. Multivariable by Steven G. Krantz and Brian E. Time and Tide Posted in: The Salmon of Doubt. Posted in: Alfred Tennyson.

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Oenone The Clockwork Testament, or Enderby's End Letter to Malcolm Cowley 11 February As I Lay Dying Posted in: Friends with Kids. A Tale of Two Cities. I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country. Hale is said to have declared this on the gallows. The Joy Luck Club Number Six: Are you alive? Military Liaison: Yes.

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Number Six: Prove it. Miniseries, Part 1. Posted in: Battlestar Galactica William Wallace: Every man dies, not every man really lives. Miniseries, Part 2. Posted in: The Hunger Games. The Golden Legend Posted in: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Journal entry November A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.

The Portrait of Mr. The Reaper and the Flowers Posted in: Margaret Thatcher.

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Small Gods. The Guardian, Tuesday 9 April My Life as Me: A Memoir But then again, who does? Now we can resuscitate people, give them critical organ transplants, and even keep them alive for some time without a functioning heart. Many of your cells will keep functioning — in total ignorance of your doom — apparently just fine.

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If they have enough energy nearby, they can keep chugging for several days. To better understand that barrier between life and death, scientists examined over a thousand genes in a few different animals including zebrafish and mice for days after the organism had technically kicked the bucket. What they found was pretty astonishing. Many genes, including those that control fetal development and immune function as well as countless other processes kicked into high gear.

These genes are usually shut off very early on and never get reactivated.

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