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Porque ficou rico. Question 6 of 23 6. Entered by: airmailrpl. KudoZ activity Questions: 1 open 4 closed without grading Answers: Grading comment Many thanks! Discussion entries: Great reference Nick! Many thanks for sharing!! Sim,deve ser isso mesmo. Muito obrigada, meus caros colegas! You need to know what "the gloves are off" also means to understand the whole phrase. OK I am going to explain this! Nothing to do with. Luck, I'm afraid.

It's cheating! And then someone can write a Portuguese answer! It is a stock cheat in boxing for one to conceal something hard and heavy in one's glove. Classically done with a horseshoe. A character employing this tactic in non-professional contexts is probably a Combat Pragmatist. Interestingly, the point of a boxing glove is not to dampen the blow, it's to protect the hand.

In other words, who is in favour of United Europe?

Portuguese and Italian - mutual intelligibility

There are currently three models, three opinion groups. All the people in these three groups are pro-European, all of these opinion groups are pro-European, although they advocate different models of organization of Europe. There are two groups against this European Union:. These or by not the various models of pro-Europeans, as described above see a , or by choice of thought, have great doubts about the kindness, especially of federal Europe, integration and deepening. Note: - let it be very clear what was said above.

These are the facts. The rest of what has been said shows either a pure and serious ignorance or, worse than that, a serious bad faith and a complete disregard for the information and training to which all Portuguese should be entitled. Furthermore, all these thinking groups are legitimate, because everyone has the right to think and defend what they want. My position: - as I have been saying since , I defend the 1th group, that is, those who defend the Europe of sovereign nations, the Europe of intergovernmental cooperation that do not want transfers of sovereignty from states to the.

That is, the union of countries, voluntary, United in peace and progress, but without any transfer or alienation of the sovereign rights of the National States, in particular: - security and defence; - Justice and home affairs; - foreign policy and diplomacy; - State budget and taxation; - autonomy of economic players vis-vis foreigners. Matters that are considered to belong to the "heart of state sovereignty". I will not take my opinion or my decision in others. So I won't abstain. The two biggest political jokes From last decades. A first joke We had a "political crisis" that ended the way it should have ended.

Indeed, if it were only given to a small part of the Portuguese, what is due to a huge majority, this would be a huge injustice. And of the vast majority, I recall, pensioners, military and security forces, magistracies, health officials, civil servants in general,. But also and oddly don't hear about this - - the majority of the Portuguese who have seen their IRS rates increase since For all these groups there is a common point: - they are paying more IRS than in and no one government and opposition talks about reversing this situation.

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It's at least curious! Until when? But I also don't hear the voters the affected citizens talk about this, which is even more curious. But already the EUR 21 billion which the so-called media says are only 15 to 17 billion - no further comment from me that the state, that is, the governments of paf and the contraption , until today May 10th In Banks private and public are considered as a good measure, a condition, of good governance. Because I find some joke to this kind of situation, given the hoax, the lie, that counts in itself, I'm here. A second joke This has to do with a side effect of this "crisis": - I mean the nepotism scandal.

Remember the meaning of this word: "nepotism - designates the attitude of favor of relatives or close friends by power holders" Or Term also attributable "as synonymous with the granting of privileges or positions to relatives in the civil service", by political power. By joke we could talk about " the power is mine and I give it to those who want.

If this attitude is lawful and legal in private companies or associations, it is no longer in the state, at least in the field of lawfulness. I am talking here about this attitude in the government or in any office of the central public administration, rates or any other kind, for example public companies, where money from the public purse is. And so now everyone has forgotten, or no longer remember, that we have a government where it has reached the extreme of nepotism? Let's see - the current government has a husband and wife who are ministers and have a father and daughter who are also.

I went to see if there was parallel to this situation in any part of the democratic world, that is, if there was or had been any other country. Coming soon: - there is, nor has there been in the last decades at least, no similar. And the Portuguese in general; And the so-called "Filters" the media They are no longer talking about this, which is a real attack on ethics, democracy, the rule of law. This has always been understood and it has never been necessary to make laws to ban such practice, because it was unanimous throughout the civilized world that this situation could never happen, otherwise the government would have to be deposed.

For me, this case is far more serious than the s case that led to the resignation of us President Richard Nixon. And nothing happens? Conclusion I'll be on another planet, either I'll have a wrong sense of honor and ethics, or I'll be on the verge of being a case. As I don't think I have any of these situations or pathologies, I gently give my dear friends and esteemed readers this reflection that I leave. As elections are approaching, I will see the result of them, what will happen, to draw conclusions on whether i am thinking wrong or well.

Poor country. Poor Portugal! Have a nice weekend Cordial greetings Miguel Mattos keys Translated. Bank leaders - want Tax atm operations. At a recent conference the bank leaders present say: - it is not fair for banks to be unable to tax the transactions made by depositors through ATM. My Comment: Which is not fair gentlemen. Bank Leaders which I know do not own the banks and as such are not bankers, as they call themselves is the Portuguese having to pay you EUR 21 billion since In this regard, what I hope is that justice will investigate well which of you bank leaders deserve punishment for what you have done to all citizens.

As for more this attempt of real "squeezing" you want to make to your depositors, I remind you that with the introduction of the atm card. We've designed this instrument, allowed you to fire thousands of employees. So you just have to thank that this instrument of money handling which is not yours exists and nothing else.

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  • Fortunately, so far, political power has prevented you from taking your intention of further this 'squeezing' forward. For the rest:. Study, be competent and find other ways to be profitable; - but without penalise who trusts their money to you and to whom you. Should serve. The money that is deposited in your banks - not yours!

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    I challenge the national leaders of my party Cds-PP to take a public and unequivocal position against this attempt to 'squeezing' the Portuguese. Reflection The State of the nation - the economy and obstacles let's just look at the most important. Is the government still aware of the real framework of the economy?

    I ask this because the government insists on not lowering taxes on labour and pensioners, either for next year or for the next year, to believe in the document it sent to Brussels. These taxes, in the IRS, weigh on those who work on behalf of's and pensioners. That is, about 6 TO 7 million people. Now, despite the official speeches, what this government did was just eliminate the IRS surcharge. We did not increase the tax rates that were in force in which, although they were already very high, were lower than they are currently. And ask? Finally: - the government, this and the previous, were elected by the members who were elected by the Portuguese to defend the interests of the Portuguese and promote their greater access to a better life?

    Note: I hope the Portuguese finally realized that this is what they do in the general elections.

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    Vote for members and not governments. It's just that my friends As is well known and how we teach 1th grade students of any management or economics course, or even in other of the so-called human sciences, in order to grow there must be three 3 basic conditions:.

    More Purchasing power of citizens - soon less taxes; 2. More investment - especially in industry. It is not the work of any government but of companies. It is for the state to facilitate that investments can be made;. In order to attract private investment, the real and healthy "engine of an economy", you must:. Obvious conclusion: As these conditions do not exist in Portugal, since we entered the euro, only a madman will in Portugal to create more companies and thus generate more employment. Note: - I leave out the business of opportunity that are still being done, but which are not structural and which therefore practice low wages and are precarious for those who find employment.

    In fact, contrary to what should happen, we have:. So, in the face of this framework of obstacles in the economy, what are the political leaders. Is it ignorance or incompetence? Political comment Teachers - the unqualified attitude of the assembly of the. I must confess that I am somewhat bothered by the air vote on the time count of the teachers. On my political side, the conservative right, we always advocate that the state has to be a "person of good" what has long been lost and that the money of us all from the state must have a economical application and always With a view to national interests.

    And national interests, in this matter of the government of public money, must be reflected in the good accounts. In other words, the state must ask the citizens as little as possible taxes , on the one hand, and on the other, it must always spend less than it receives budget with. They send good practices whether it is a family, company or state that in time of economic growth are set up financial reserves, to ensure that in harder times the country is not called to great sacrifices. The next government, PAF - PSD with Cds decided that the way to achieve the goals of this memorandum was to freeze wages, pensions, raise taxes on income, IRS, surcharge , labour and pensions.

    This instead of what is the normal practice of the conservative and Christian Democratic Right when it was in power in several countries of the world and needed to face public debts or financial crises.