C.G. Jung and the Sioux Traditions

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  • C.G. Jung and the Sioux Traditions: Dreams, Visions, Nature and the Primitive by Vine Deloria Jr..
  • C. G. Jung and the Sioux Traditions: Dreams, Visions, Nature and the Primitive.
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C.G. Jung and the Sioux Traditions: Dreams, Visions, Nature and the Primitive

USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Temporarily Out of Stock Online Please check back later for updated availability. Overview While visiting the United States, C. This encounter impacted Jung psychologically, emotionally, and intellectually, and had a sustained influence on his theories and understanding of the psyche.

Dakota Sioux intellectual and political leader, Vine Deloria Jr. Jung over two decades ago, but had long been struck by certain affinities and disjunctures between Jungian and Sioux Indian thought.

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He also noticed that many Jungians were often drawn to Native American traditions. This book, the result of Deloria's investigation of these affinities, is written as a measured comparison between the psychology of C. Jung and the philosophical and cultural traditions of the Sioux people. Deloria constructs a fascinating dialogue between the two systems that touches on cosmology, the family, relations with animals, visions, voices, and individuation.

Philip J. Deloria Keynote Address

At Arizona, Deloria helped create an M. In it, he laid out in biting and witty prose the social and political contexts underpinning an American Indian cultural politics. That politics, he argued, was not simply a reflection of African American or other ethnic political movements of the period, but was in fact rooted in the distinct history and political status of Native peoples. Deloria always wrote with American Indian concerns in mind, but his works moved in other directions as well. In these works, he insisted upon new approaches to metaphysics, arguing that spiritual traditions were tied as much to land as to mobile religious traditions, and that modern spirituality ought to invest in a specifically American perception of land, one that would bring tribal and non-tribal peoples into the same orbit.

This optimistic reading of the possibilities stemmed, in large part, from his willingness to engage European philosophers and theologians deeply, but it also reflected a growing skepticism concerning science and its often instrumentalist uses, which he saw both in terms of Indian people expressed in his polemic Red Earth, White Lies and the earth itself. Jung and the Sioux Traditions , his last work, offers an apt culmination of all these intellectual traditions.

Philip J. Deloria, Ph. Jerome S.

Vine Deloria

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C.G. Jung and the Sioux Traditions: Dreams, Visions, Nature and the Primitive

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